How to Create a Suppression List

  • 1.     After logging into the application, select the “Create” option within the “Suppression” section by hovering over the “Lists” tab above.

  • 2.     Choose a list type from the drop down menu. This will determine the type of suppression list as well as how you would like to import data to the list. For descriptions on the different types of suppression lists, please see “Suppression List Types”.

  • 3.     Database Suppression Lists are created in the same fashion as a regular Broadcast List, the only difference is, this list contains recipients to whom you do not wish to send mail and have a maximum recommended size of 100,000 records.
  • 4.     Create a name for your suppression list.
  • 5.     Select whether you want this list to be required. (This is only applicable to suppression lists.) This will cause any job created to include this list as a suppression list. The required suppression list(s) on the account will be displayed to the user in the Job Creation screen, and will not be able to be selected, since they will already be included.

  • 6.     Now that your Database Suppression List has been created, you may import records to this list by selecting by clicking on import icon on the right. Importing to this list is the same as importing to a normal Broadcast List.

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