Insight into List Import Configuration

Does your data have a header row?

This is an introductory line of information which serves as a human-readable description of the contents of each column of data. For example, this may contain entries such as "Company," "First Name" and "Email address.

Which fields to match?

Select all fields that have to be exactly matched in order to consider the record in the uploaded CSV file equal to the ones currently in the database. Select multiple fields by control-clicking (or read your web browser documentation).

For best performance, match only on the email address or the email address and other fields. If you do a match on any set of fields that does not include the email address, updates will be prohibitively slow for any list containing more than a few tens of thousands of records.

Note further: If you are matching against only the email address column, and any imported rows contain a blank email address column, those import rows will be skipped.

Delete Domains Note: Only match against email address, and the email address in the import file should only have the domain name.

What to do in case of multiple matches in an update import?<

If you want all records in the list (or all broadcast lists) which match to be changed, select "Update all." If you only want one of them changed, select "Update one." If you want one updated, and the other matching records removed, thereby preventing duplicates in your list (this is the recommended option), select "Update one and remove remaining."

If you choose Update Broadcasts then the system will attempt to update a record in this list in preference to any of the other lists which may have had matching records.

What to do if no list records match?

Decide if you want a non-matching record from the uploaded file added to the list or skipped.

Which columns contain what data?

The drop-down lists for each column in the import fiel contain the fields of the selected list into which they can be imported. Match the input file's column with the name of the of the data field from your list. 
Note that all email addresses are trimmed of spaces and folded into lower case during the import.

Note on updates: When doing an update import, it is possible to update the "opt-in" field so that an entry is marked opt-out. However, it is not possible to do the reverse, that is, if a record is currently in the database and marked opt-out, then, although you may do an update import and include an "opt-in" field, an opt-out record will not be marked opt-in again. This is a safety mechanism to prevent users who have opted-out from having their election overwritten.

Status email addresses

A comma-separated list of email addresses (without any spaces!) who should receive notification when the specified import completes. This report contains detailed information about the number of records imported, any reason for failure if it fails, and other useful statistics.

Select Import Priority

Imports will be queued and processed in order from high to low priority and according to the oldest first. Please note that currently running imports will not be interrupted to begin a new, higher priority import.

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