How to Upload an Image

If you want to have the image hosted on our servers, you can simply do so by following these steps:

1.  Upload image to our server by going to the Contents Tab>> Images>> Upload Images.

2.     Choose a Destination Folder>> Choose File>> Click Upload Now.

3.     Now that you’ve successfully uploaded your image, you can view it by going to the Contents Tab>> Images>> View Images.

4.     Then add the HTML code for the image into your message. Place the $GWIMAGEHOST$ tag within the HTML image tag.

  • Here's an example of the code required to access images being hosted at Puresend: 
  • <img src="$GWIMAGEHOST$/imagename"/> (where imagename is the name of your image. Be sure to fully qualify the image name, including extension.)

    OR, if it is stored in a subdirectory

    <img src="$GWIMAGEHOST$/subdirectoryname/imagename"/>

    5.     Click Save.

    6.     Preview the message with the new image.

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