How to Export Openers and Clickers

Within the Puresend application, there is a way to search a particular list for certain email records. For example, you can search through an entire list to receive all email records that contain the domain ''.

Here are the steps to take to begin using this feature:

1. From the dropdown menu of the list, select the option "Search the list".

2. Determine the search criteria for your query.

3. Select whether you would like the results to be displayed on the screen or downloaded to a csv file.

4. The results will take some time to populate. 


   i.     Some combinations of search criteria do not make sense and will result in an error. For example, searching "if opt-out is greater than 27" is invalid; a proper search would be "if opt-out is true."

  ii.     All searches are case-insensitive. For example, "Hello" is not considered differently than "HELLO", "hello" or "hElLo".

  iii.    Dates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD and start at midnight of that date (the beginning of that day). For example, searching for dates > 2002-02-01 will give all dates including those on 2002-02-01and after.

 iv.    If the data in one of your columns is numeric, please use the "numerically" comparisons for proper results, as the default comparison is lexicographically.

v.     Moving entries from one list to another will remove them from the original source list.

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