How to Create a Puretest Job

1. After logging in to application, select a “Create a Puretest Job” option by hovering over the “Jobs” tab above.

2. Select the number of segments from segments drop down and click on “Next Step” button.

3. Fill out the Job Information by creating a name for the job you would like to create. There is also an option to save that job in a folder.

4. You can divide puretest job in two different types of segments : “Equal segments” and “Distributed segments”.

Equal segments: Each segment is equally distributed with the same number of emails

Distributed segments: Each segment is distributed randomly, number of emails may vary per segment

5. The Recipient information section is where you select the list you would like to send to See How To Create a List for how to upload a list to the application.

6. Job settings is where you determine and what you want to the mailing to say in the “from/reply to” field. Also you can assign rule set to your job.

7. Select the cluster from which you would like to send your Mailing from.

8. Fill out the selected number of Segments(e.x., 2 segment) information which you selected before Puretest job creation. Select the email message from message drop down. Also choose an email address from the “Saved Email Addresses” field on the right, select the email address you wish to send from. Be sure to include a “Personal Name” and a “Subject” for you mailing. When you have make sure that the Job has been configured correctly then “Click To Continue” button.

Segment #1 Information : 

Segment #2 Information : 

9. You may choose to “Send Test Emails”, “Edit Job”, “Save Draft Job” or you can “Create Job” which will start sending out the mailings.

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