How to Create a Message Track

Message Track

Message Track is essentially a functionality that allows you to schedule multiple Jobs per a List's data import.  So when a List is populated, based upon the Message Track's specifications, it will send out messages accordingly.  The first message could be sent immediately ("auto-responder"), the next could be sent the following day, and the subsequent could be sent the day after, and so forth.

To begin one needs to create a Message Track.

1. Under the “Lists” tab, choose “Message Track” then select “Create Message Track”.

2. Choose a name for your Message Track and select “Continue” button.

3. Select the List and Cluster from the drop-down menu.

4. Select the “Add” button.

5. Select the “Add a message to this track at the bottom to add message to the Track.

6. Type your Message Name and select the Days and then Time from drop down list for when you want the message to be sent.

7. Similar to creating a regular Job, select from the drop down field the email message you would like to send in this Message Track. Then choose an email address from the “Saved Email Addresses” field on the right or type a new one.  Be sure to include a “Personal Name” and a “Subject” for you mailing. Finally click the “Click To Continue” button.

8. At the bottom of the next page, you may choose to “Send Test Emails”, “Edit Message”, or you can “Save Message” which you can then edit later on “View/Edit Message Track” page.

9. Select the “Activate This Message Track” button to complete the message track activation.

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