How to Create a Job, throttled by ISP

ISP Throttles

Puresend allows for additional throttling of jobs as per ISPs. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL are enabled by default, but additional ISPs can be added on a request basis.

1.       To make use of domain throttles, start the job creation process as usual:

2.       In the field after the Delivery Information, you will find the field Domain Throttles. Click on the “+” link to expand the field

3.  The list of domains to adjust throttles is now available for editing. The default throttles will be the same as the primary throttles for the account. To ensure that a specific ISP throttle is used, check the checkbox next to the appropriate ISP to the be throttled:

4.   Fill out the remaining details for the job, and click on “Click to Continue” to proceed with the job.

NOTE: Any job that also makes use of “Use at most” setting for the job itself will have this setting supercede any “Use at Most” at the ISP/domain level.

Please make note of this during the job creation process.

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