How to Create a Rule

 1. After logging into the application, select the “Create Rule Sets” option by hovering over the “Rules” tab above.

2. Enter the Rule set name and click on "Create new rule set" button.

3. Click on recently created Rule set from view Rule Sets table.

4. There are five types of Rules :
(a) Email a predefined address : If your conditions gets satisfied, email would be sent to the email address which is been assigned by user.

(b) Email the list recipient : If your conditions gets satisfied, email would be sent to the email addresses in the list which is associated to the message.

(c) Copy/ Move the list recipient to another list : The particular contact which satisfies the condition will be moved/copied to another list.

(d) Set a field to trigger date (YYYYMMDD) : Field selected by user gets set to the date on which the action is performed.

(e) Set a field to job id : Field selected by user gets set to the respective Job id when conditions gets satisfied.

5. Click on any rule. (Here : Email a predefined address).

6. Select the Rule set from drop down and enter the email address on which you want to get notified about the event and click on Add rule button.

7. Rules gets created .

8.   Now that you have successfully created rule, you may add that rule to any job you create by selecting it from the Apply Rule set section in ‘Job Settings’ section on the Job Creation page.

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